BeLogical offer significant cost savings with great value business broadband packages for individuals and SME’s.

broadband-main-image We understand that unlimited broadband is a redundant term if the connection is slow or unreliable. Our in-house team will work with you to reduce overheads and improve performance; by choosing the most suitable and cost effective technology for your location and business.

Our broadband connections are high speed with unlimited usage, including BT Wholesale services at low cost rates. We can also provide high level dedicated connections such as EFM, Point 2 Point and leased line products that have greater bandwidth, speed and security options. These products are fully managed with associated Service Level Agreements (or SLA’s) to define exactly the type of service we will provide and the required standard you should expect and receive from us.

Below we provide a general overview on some of the business broadband services available from BeLogical and how they could suit your business. For more information please get in contact to find out what’s available for your business. We also include a broadband glossary page for any technical terms that may be unfamiliar to you so you can have confidence in the services we provide:

Business Broadband (ADSL) – We provide numerous ADSL products including unmetered usage and bonded lines. Whether you’re emailing clients, uploading large files or even video conferencing. We can supply business ADSL broadband connections from low usage, cost effective solutions to unlimited products that offer little to no contention.

Fibre Broadband or ‘Fibre to the Cabinet’ (FTTC) – Fibre business broadband runs at a consistently high speed providing dependable performance. FTTC is a brand new fibre link between your local exchange and your nearest cabinet. Fibre broadband can considerably increase the speed and reliability of your business broadband connection.

Satellite Broadband – Satellite broadband is perfectly designed for remote areas and business locations where conventional broadband technologies are not able to deliver coverage or service. The satellite broadband connections are suitable for video conferencing and downloading large files without compromising on cost. However remote the area if you have a clear view of the sky you can still receive a high quality business broadband service.