Business landlines are a basic requirement for a company, but they do not need to be expensive or confusing to a customer.

landline-main-image Business owners and managers are either unaware of or apathetic to the savings that can be found from changing providers to an emerging independent service such as BeLogical. We can provide bespoke business landline price plans catered to individual customer requirements, including BT Wholesale services at low cost rates.

We work with SME’s to reduce outgoing spending rates by taking over existing lines to arranging and installing new analogue and digital landlines. Depending on your usage and requirements, our dedicated in-house team will advise you on the most suitable technology and price plan available.

As well as cost saving we can provide services such as non-geographic numbers (03, 05, 070/076, 080, 0845, 0870, 0871 etc) to hosted geographic numbers (0207, 0161 etc) meaning that your company can demonstrate local and nationwide coverage from a single number or location anywhere in the UK. Balanced with voice and video conferencing and bulk SMS marketing services, the cost reclaimed from your landline can be put to use to promote your business further.

Our in-house team is on hand to assist and guide you every step of the way. We handle any switchovers on your behalf, ensuring the transition to BeLogical is seamless and painless.

We are ready to install, maintain and manage line types and services including analogue lines (PSTN), ISDN2- ISDN2e and ISDN30. We also specialise in providing VoIP and SIP trunks for an efficient method to run multiple concurrent calls through a single internet connection. Bringing even greater cost savings and the added benefit of disaster recovery to your business.

For any terms that are unfamiliar, we have put together a landline glossary to help you understand the wording used to describe the types of business landline technology available.